Thursday, August 11, 2011

Expiry of Default Debug Key

Today, when I tried to build and test my new android application on my Samsung Nexus S., a sparking red error popup in my problems window of Eclipse. The error message shows as:
Description Resource Path Location Type Error generating final archive: Debug Certificate expired on 8/10/11 8:48 PM Sample_10_3 Unknown Android Packaging Problem
I tried to delete this error by press "Delete", but the new error message shows me I don't have the respective .apk file, which caused by failed to build my application.

The problem for these error messages is my default debug key is expired, which demonstrates I have been an Android Developer for One Year. It reminds me the first HelloWorld application I tried with the emulator last year. It's in Bin's Bio-Medical Engineering class. My mind was out of class, which is filled with the question "Why my helloworld application never works." (Actually the reason is I never have the patient for that running out.)  How time flies.

The solution for this problem is: delete the debug.keystore, which is under my ~/.android/ directory. For different OS, the dir might be different.

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