Monday, December 9, 2013

Android 4.4 KitKat Share Action List Bug & Fix

Ever since I bought my new Nexus 5 from LG, I feel the system is good, the UI design is good, while the battery sucks still.

After using it for a few weeks, I found one thing frustrated me most. Once I opened my Chrome browser on my phone, and shared the content by choosing Google Keep from a Dialog, which is exactly like the other version of Android. I don't know if I had the second chance to choose option from this list, but days later, ever I tried to choose another way to share the content I want to, the System open straightly Google Keep with the content I want to share. The choose and share steps has been directly skipped.

If you ever found this is also your problem. Here Is The SOLUTION:

Go to "System Settings" -> "Apps" - > "Download or All" Tab -> "Reset app preferences".
The first three steps are easy, I think the most of android user should be familiar with those. For the last step, to reset the preference, user need to click on the optional menu option on the Apps UI, then user could choose "Reset app preferences" under "Sort by size". To find this menu option, user could swipe left or right to the "Download" or "All" tab page, then click on the right top button to display this option.

Hope this is helpful, and the bug on the system could be soon fixed.